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WIN a Must-Have Baby Teething Bangle!

WIN a Must-Have Baby Teething Bangle!

The Direct2Mum Team are thrilled to announce the arrival of Izzy Melody Baby Bangles into our portfolio of 'good to know' companies!

The I.M. BabyBangle is a new teething toy made of non toxic material, which can be sterilised, is the perfect size, shape & density for even the youngest babies and is a stylish accessory for mum to wear so that it is always close by hand when out & about.

'Best of British'

I.M. BabyBangle is fully UK made & manufactured and made of a medical grade silicone, which is non toxic (therefore BPA, PVC, Lead, Latex and Phthalate free) and has the CE certificate, and tested to EN71 standard. This item is also suitable from newborn.


'Simply Easy' for our mums.

The bangle can be steam sterilised, is dishwasher safe (top shelf) and can be put in a fridge or freezer to make cold for extra relief for baby.

'Soothe & Play'

I.M. BabyBangle's density and softness is perfect to soothe teething pains and 'biting & chomping urges'. The shape & depth is easy to grab and hold and the bangle is very lightweight making it such a great item to use from newborn, unlike many other teething toys on the market, which are mostly too heavy for young babies and can be awkward sized or shaped to hold, especially for smaller babies or when baby is already tired and not well of teething.


'Stylish Mums Must-Have'

Of course, as mentioned before, I.M. BabyBangle is designed to be a stylish accessory for mum to wear when baby is not using it and especially handy when out & about.The bangle looks like any other hard bangle, but in real life, this is a soft material.


I.M. BabyBangle comes in a luxury giftbox (also fully UK made), which makes it the perfect little present. All Bangles are embossed with the I.M. BabyBangle logo to ensure clients purchase the genuine I.M. BabyBangle, UK made with medical silicone material.

The practical and stylish way to be mum, I.M. BabyBangle is a true Must-Have for mum and baby.

'We do Green'

The material of the bangle is made of quartz sand, the most abundant element on earth, so that we are not draining any natural resources and the packaging is made from recycled material.


We have not one, but two of these fabulous bangles up for grabs. If you are lucky enough to be picked as a winner, you can pick which colour you would prefer. They come in deep turqoise, cherry blossom or jet black!

Make sure you follow Izzy Melody on Twitter and on Facebook! Go over and introduce yourselves....she's a lovely lady!

To be in with a chance of winning, you must answer the question below before 11pm on the 15th of April. You will have to hunt around the fabulous website to find out the answer.....but be's not as easy as you think!

(Psssstttt....clue.....look in 'About Us'!)

This competition closed 15 Apr 13 11:00 PM

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