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WIN Baby Sensory Classes in West Yorkshire

WIN Baby Sensory Classes in West Yorkshire

Here is a GREAT competition for anyone living in or near Huddersfield and Halifax. The lovely people at Huddersfield Baby Sensory are giving away FREE sessions for two of our lucky members.

Babies learn more in the first year of life than at any other time. Never again will there be such an extraordinary pace of development. They are totally attentive and absolutely fascinated by everything that they can see, hear, touch, taste and smell. Baby Sensory doesn't waste a moment of this valuable time!

Award winning Baby Sensory classes provide a myriad of colourful sensory experiences and new sensations. Imagine taking your baby on a jungle, water or space adventure, to a winter wonderland or to a world of light and magic?

Mums and Dads also find out how to settle and soothe their baby, how to get them on their tummies, how to perform simple massage techniques and a whole lot more. There are also some wonderful games and activities which are fun to do together. Music therapy is another sensory delight that cannot be missed!

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Each activity is supported by useful learning and developmental information, so that parents know how to lead their baby’s learning forwards, and every week is different. Parents are provided with hundreds of simple ideas for activities that they can do with their babies at home. Baby signing for example, is a great way to develop speech and language, whereas movement activities can help with the development of sight and hand-eye co-ordination, so important for later reading and writing.

Baby Sensory classes also provide an exploratory play area where parents can try out the equipment and developmental materials, interact with others and gain ideas for home use. Then it’s back to the sensory area for more activities, music and dancing that always ends with cuddles and big yawns from the babies. Not even a busy little baby can fight off sleep after so much activity!

Parents looking for an unforgettable experience won’t go far wrong with Baby Sensory! The joy and sense of awe that arises from seeing baby learn and develop is well worth the effort of squeezing it into the weekly schedule.

Founded on over thirty years of university research and practical theory, Baby Sensory is a unique programme that promotes baby learning and development from the start. Ongoing research ensures that the programme is constantly reviewed and updated with new materials and techniques introduced to add variety and novelty.

You can learn more about Baby Sensory in your area by going to their homepage. There you can learn about classes in your area, buy from their Baby Sensory shop, or learn about Baby Sensory Parties.

To find out more about the Huddersfield Area classes click here.

You can contact the Huddersfield area directly to ask them any questions about Baby Sensory by emailing:

Huddersfield Baby Sensory are very kindly giving away 3 FREE sessions each to two of our members! Make sure you head over to their Facebook page to 'LIKE' and introduce yourselves!

To be in with a chance of winning simply answer the question below correctly before 11pm on the 13th of May.

Good Luck! x

**PLEASE NOTE** to be eligible for this prize you must be within a suitable driving distance of the Huddersfield area.

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