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Worldwide Male Infertility On The Rise

Worldwide Male Infertility On The Rise

A study conducted in France in 2012 confirmed that male infertility is steadily increasing. The research revealed that between the 1980s and 2005 the average male sperm count fell by a third.

The study reflects a global reduction in the quality and quantity of sperm production. The figure is accompanied by a large increase in testicular cancer during the past 30 years, which can also have a negative effect on the sufferer’s fertility.

According to experts, the decline in healthy sperm production also throws the prevailing model of testing a woman's fertility first into sharp relief, with Professor Simon Fishel – founder of Care Fertility - commenting that a sperm count should be the "first thing that's done, not the last."

Although there appears to be no single reason behind the increase in male infertility the theories include environmental factors, bad diet, smoking, alcohol, lack of exercise and over heating of the area by sitting all day or working on a laptop.

For many men experiencing fertility problems, a testicular sperm extraction (TESE) medical procedure may help. The operation retrieves or extracts sperm directly from the testicles before freezing it, and in another procedure, the sperm is injected into a woman’s egg using IVF techniques.

Smith who underwent the procedure and is now father to son, Aayden said: "I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from me. I could finally start living the life I'd wanted to live for all those years".

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