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26 Is The Ideal Age For Parenthood

26 Is The Ideal Age For Parenthood

According to figures from a recent survey conducted among UK parents, 26 is the perfect age to begin a family.

Around six in 10 respondents would be happy earning an annual collective income of only £25,000 before beginning their families. Owning a house and being married were two goals most couples aspired to reach before having a baby.

  • A fifth of people questioned said having children while they were young meant they would have more in common with them.
  • A third indicated they felt young parenthood would allow them time to have a larger family.
  • A quarter of respondents said they wanted to start a family at a young age because they were unsure how long it would take to become pregnant.

Claire Halsey, a clinical
psychologist, said: “The results of this survey are quite surprising, as we would have expected parents to think the perfect age to start a family to be late twenties to early thirties, as opposed to mid-twenties."

Contrary to popular belief younger women are planning a family after just a few years of working rather than waiting to establish a career, going travelling or spending time on hobbies.”

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