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MP Resigns Over Disabled Children Comment

MP Resigns Over Disabled Children Comment

The Cornwall politician, Collin Brewer, who earlier this week said disabled children should be “put down”, has resigned in the face of mounting public criticism.

Initially Mr Brewer offered a public apology but refused to resign from his role as an independent Cornwall councillor because he considered his remarks to be “flippant” and he said them to "provoke a debate."

The councillor was attending a disability charity event intended to educate politicians on the issues faced by equal opportunity groups when he approached the Disability Cornwall booth. After hearing about their work, he said: "Disabled children cost the council too much money and should be put down."

The council member’s comments have been widely criticized by disabled people and their advocates including glamour model Katie Price formerly known as Jordan, who is the mother of a child who is blind and finds walking difficult.

A spokesperson for the charity Scope said: “To hear such an ill-judged and insensitive statement from a councillor is deeply disturbing and demonstrates that they are clearly not fit for office.”

In a recent interview with the BBC Radio Mr Brewer changed his earlier stance by saying it was unlikely he would participate in the May elections, and he added: "I was wrong, I admit it. I will continue to apologise."

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