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Adele is Favourite Celebrity Mother

Adele is Favourite Celebrity Mother

Popular singer Adele has been voted the UKs best-loved new celebrity mother.

In a survey of 8,000 new mothers conducted by baby specialist website Bounty, the majority of participants indicated Adele, who gave birth to a son, Angelo James, in October, would be a welcome addition at mother and baby gatherings.

for the Bounty Celebrity Stork Award Lisa Penney said: “Famous mums are often hailed as being the nation’s favourites simply because of their celebrity status and not necessarily because of their personality or parenting skills.”

She added: “Real mums identify with Adele. They respect the fact that she hasn’t fallen for the fame game and has done everything she can to keep her son away from the media circus.”

Poll results gave Lilly Allen second place as participants expressed their admiration for her down-to-earth attitude towards motherhood and for deferring her music career to concentrate on raising her two young daughters.

Ms Penney said: “Mums really seem to appreciate those celebrities who try to raise their families out of the limelight.”

Third place went to X Factor contestant Stacy Solomon who gave birth to her first son Zachary when she was just 18, and last May, she gave him a brother when she delivered her second son, Leighton.

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