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Sperm Quality Differs During Seasons

Sperm Quality Differs During Seasons

According to a new Israeli study, there may be a scientific explanation why autumn and an abundance of new babies arrive at the same time: Winter and early spring are when human sperm are in peak health.

Lead researcher Eliahu Levitas said: "The winter and spring semen patterns are compatible with increased fecundability and may be a plausible explanation of the peak number of deliveries during the fall.”

He added that understanding the seasonal pattern of sperm may "be of paramount importance, especially in couples with male-related infertility struggling with unsuccessful and prolonged fertility treatments."

Although males with normal sperm production had the healthiest sperm in winter before declining as spring progressed, males with abnormal sperm production did not follow the same pattern. This group produced healthier sperm in autumn and spring.

The researchers wrote in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology: "Based on our results the (normal) semen will perform better in winter, whereas infertility cases related to low sperm counts should be encouraged to choose spring and fall."

Although globally human sperm counts are falling, scientists and researchers do not have a decisive explanation. Theories include lifestyle factors, specifically low levels of exercise, and environmental factors such as chemical exposure.

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