Caesarean Not Always Safe For Twins

Caesarean Not Always Safe For Twins

Pregnant women who are expecting twins often opt for a planned caesarean (C section) rather than giving birth vaginally. A recent study examined if one method was a better choice for the health and safety of the mother or the babies.

The researchers discovered both birthing methods produced similar outcomes for mothers, and the rate of complications experienced by the babies were not influenced by either caesarean birth or vaginal birth.

The study followed two groups of women pregnant with twins from 26 different countries; one group had a planned caesarean birth, and the second group had a vaginal delivery.

(2.05 per cent) of the 2,781 babies born by caesarean died or experienced a serious complication at birth. Fifty-two (1.87 per cent) of the 2,782 babies born vaginally died or experienced a serious complication at birth.

The researchers conclude that neither a caesarean or vaginal birth appeared to be a better choice for women expecting twins.

Study leader Dr Jon Barrett said: “The results of the study show that vaginal birth is safe and should continue to be offered to women who are pregnant with twins. There's no evidence that a caesarean section is better for the babies or you."

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