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Exercise Affects Long Term Health of The Brain

Exercise Affects Long Term Health of The Brain

With an abundance of indoor activities available to keep a child busy for countless hours every day, many children do not get enough regular physical exercise.

New research suggests lack of exercise can potentially affect the long-term health of the brain.

Several years have passed since the British Heart Foundation highlighted contemporary children’s low level of exercise by cautioning parents that out of every eight children, only one was getting the recommended one hour of physical activity a day.

The results from a new study published in Psychological Medicine eases up on the previously recommended amount of exercise children need each day while emphasising the long-term value of regular exercise.

Researchers found that children who had exercised around three times each month from 11 years of age scored much better in a memory test conduced at age 50 than those who had not participated in regular physical activity.

One of the research authors, Dr Alex Dregan, said the results suggested that regular exercise may protect the brain against injury in a manner similar to the way it protects the heart from disease. "Exercise may build greater brain reserve, so if you have a stroke, you may recover better because you can draw on this reserve.”

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