Men Too Embarrassed To Sing Lullabies

Men Too Embarrassed To Sing Lullabies

A recent survey reveals the truth about how dads really feel about singing to their children. Perhaps it is not so surprising to learn that men avoid singing lullabies to their children because they think they cannot sing and that it is not a very macho activity.

Music provider for babies and toddlers Jo Jingles surveyed 700 UK fathers and found 57 per cent avoided singing to their children. Although they gave various reasons for this, the primary reasons were embarrassment due to their inability to sing in tune and feeling it placed them out of their comfort zone.

The survey also found some dads felt it was not necessary for them to sing lullabies in the nursery because their baby could listen to musical toys. Ten per cent of dads questioned said singing was not a manly thing to do and felt it was more natural for the mother to sing.

We really want to encourage more dads to sing to their children - Caroline Crabbe

The research was conducted in an effort to help fathers understand the benefits of involving themselves in singing and musical activities with their children.

Caroline Crabbe, General Manager at Jo Jingles, said: “We really want to encourage more dads to sing to their children because it will help with their self-expression and confidence in later life.”

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