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Time to Celebrate World Doula Week

Time to Celebrate World Doula Week

While giving birth can be an exciting and emotional experience, for some women it can also be frightening. This is where a Doula can step in to provide support in the style of a midwife.

There are many reasons a woman can feel alone and scared during her pregnancy. A single mother may lack a support network, or a woman whose husband’s time is taken up with work responsibilities can feel isolated.

Although Doula’s are not medically trained, they can provide guidance and a shoulder to lean on.

Jessica Kaufman used a Doula throughout her pregnancies and is a strong supporter of the service: “There is
so much strain on the NHS that it is hard to build up a relationship with one midwife a Doula is there to answer all of your questions when you need them.”

A representative for Doula UK, Caron Smith, describes Doulas as performing an old-fashioned service in a contemporary world. “In past times, women’s sisters, aunties and cousins would help them all the way through their pregnancy and raising their children, and then the hospitals took over.

But now, maternity units are stretched or closing down altogether.”

More information on Doula's and World Doula Week can be found by visiting the website www.doula.org.uk.

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