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Research Charity Awards Devoted Husband

Research Charity Awards Devoted Husband

Craig Worley, a 27-year-old Bedfordshire man, has been presented with a national award for his devotion to his wife after they lost twin boys 21 weeks into her pregnancy.

The award from
Tommy’s, a charity that finances research into pregnancy complications, is designed to express appreciation and gratitude to a person who has been supportive to someone experiencing a difficult pregnancy or loss of a baby.

Danni Worley, 28, described her husband’s unfailing support: "In my darkest days, Craig is my light. I wouldn't have come through this the same person without him.” She added: “Our next pregnancy was marred a little by the obvious anxiety, but Craig was there every step of the way.”

On Mother's Day, Craig made sure Danni had a thoughtful card, and on the twin’s first birthday, he took his wife to Paris.

On his return, Craig, with his arm newly out of a cast, participated in a 148-mile bike ride and raised over 2000 pound for the charity in memory of his sons.

Danni said: “I couldn't ask for more and yet I couldn't have done it with less. I'm so very proud of him and eternally grateful for all he has done. He is a fabulous daddy to our gorgeous baby daughter, Eden.”

Go to Tommy's website to find out more about what they do, and how you can donate.

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