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No More Overseas Trips For Kate Middleton

No More Overseas Trips For Kate Middleton

It has been announced that the Duchess of Cambridge will not be taking any further trips out of the UK for the duration of 2013 due to her pregnancy and the expected July birth of her first child.

Since becoming a royal, the Duchess has undertaken two overseas trips: Canada in 2011 was her first official foreign visit, and as part of the Diamond Jubilee commemorations in 2012 she toured South East Asia.

private secretary Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton confirmed that the Duchess currently has no plans to leave the UK, saying: “I’m not anticipating the Duke and Duchess taking on overseas tours because of her baby.” He added that plans for a royal tour may be reassessed later on in the year.

The announcement may indicate that Kate, who is presently five months pregnant, is planing to stay close to home so that she can fully immerse herself in motherhood, unlike previous royal mothers who often participated in overseas tours soon after they gave birth.

Although in the early stages of her pregnancy the 31-year-old suffered from a severe form of morning sickness, she appears to be fully recovered and is back to regularly fulfilling her royal engagements.

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