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Children Lack Support From Mentally-ill Parents

Children Lack Support From Mentally-ill Parents

A recommendation has been presented to the UK government by Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to make it mandatory for mental health officials to collect information on children who live with guardians or parents who have mental health problems.

The recommendation came about after a Ofsted and CQC survey found that while the majority of children residing with a primary caregiver who has a mental health condition lead normal lives, for some, there may be an increased risk of harm due to the many mental health sufferers who are not receiving the appropriate medical help to manage their illness.

Deputy Social Care Director for Ofsted, Sally Rowe said: "This report raises some significant concerns for children who are living in very difficult and vulnerable situations. If children living with parents with mental health problems are to receive the right support and protection then the same level of scrutiny should be applied as those whose parents have issues with substance abuse.”

some point during their lives, almost nine million UK adults experience mental health problems such as depression or deep anxiety; Experts say around 30 per cent of adults with mental health issues are caring for a child.

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