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Childless Men Suffer Depression

Childless Men Suffer Depression

Although recent research has discovered men want children just as much as women, when this does not happen, they feel the loss of children very differently.

Researcher Robin Hadley examined two groups of men and women: one with children and one without. Here is what he found:

· While women indicated they felt guilty when they did not have a child, the men surveyed said they felt sadness and jealousy at not becoming a father.

· Around 50 per cent of men indicated they felt isolated without children compared to only 25 per cent of women.

· Four out of 10 men who did not have children said they felt depressed whereas only three out of 10 childless women indicated they experienced depression.

Mr Hadley
said: “My work shows that there was a similar level of desire for parenthood among childless men and women in the survey and that men had higher levels of anger, depression, sadness, jealousy and isolation than women and similar level of yearning.

challenges the common idea that women are much more likely to want to have children than men and that they consistently experience a range of negative emotions more deeply than men if they don’t have children.”

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