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Womb Surgery A Success As Baby Born Healthy

Womb Surgery A Success As Baby Born Healthy

Five-month-old Lake Annabelle Hall who received life-saving surgery while still in her mother’s womb has been given a clean bill of health by the doctor who performed the innovative procedure.

Lake’s father Erik Hall said: “Lake is a normal, healthy, young baby girl just like any other baby born without any issues.”

It was after a routine 20 weeks pregnancy scan that Lake’s mother Savannah Perry was told her daughter had a cyst in her lungs that would prevent her from breathing normally once she born.

Although Dr Timothy Crombleholme examined Savannah immediately, he decided to wait another 10 weeks before undertaking the rarely performed surgery in an attempt to save Lake’s life.

The surgery is called an exit procedure because the baby is only partially removed from its mother’s womb and remains attached to the placenta via the umbilical cord.

In Lake's case, Dr Crombleholme led a team of 43 doctors and nurses. Once the cyst was removed, the incision closed and her airways cleared, Dr Crombleholme cut Lake’s umbilical cord.

Lake required oxygen to assist her lung function for the first four months of her life but is now oxygen free and thriving.

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