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Older Celebs Are Pushing The Fertility Limit

Older Celebs Are Pushing The Fertility Limit

Halle Berry’s announcement that she is expecting her second child at the ripe old age of 46 places her in a very special group of celebrity mothers who seem to happily fall pregnant and give birth with apparent ease in their fifth decade.

With many women being given dire warnings about declining fertility while still in their 30s, how is it that older celebrity mothers appear to have no such problems with fading fertility?

IVF treatment for older women is becoming increasingly commonplace and without doubt improves the chances of a woman in her 40's becoming pregnant.

Some women freeze their eggs for to use later or use a donor egg. The fertility of a frozen egg remains the same age it was when it was initially frozen, and the age of the recipient does not affect or reduce the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Actresses such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicole Kidman have publically acknowledged their babies were carried by a surrogate or gestational carrier.

The downside to using modern methods to have a child is the high cost involved. On the other hand, studies have indicated older parents are generally more financial and emotionally prepared to cope with a family.

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