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Win a Belt Up Kidz Retrofit Buckle

Win a Belt Up Kidz Retrofit Buckle

Belt Up Kidz have teamed up with Direct2Mum to offer our members the chance to win a Belt Up Kidz Safety buckle. A really innovative product that will bring peace of mind for parents.

Belt Up Kidz is a retrofit buckle that helps prevent young children from removing their arms from the shoulder straps of their, Buggies, Highchairs and Trikes etc.

Knowing your child is properly strapped in and cannot escape from their seat, high-chair, bike etc. will bring peace of mind and could help prevent injuries caused by distraction or every day accidents.

If this idea can help save just one life or serious injury then for us it has been worth it

Message from the Creator:

I am a mum of two from Lichfield, Staffordshire and came up with the idea 7 years ago when my daughter would never keep her arms in her straps - this made life incredibly stressful. She also used to take her arms out of her high chair straps so I could not turn my back on her for a minute. Once she stood up and the high chair started tipping back onto a stone kitchen floor, not one of my best memories!

My heart and soul has gone into this and when you believe in something 100% it makes it all a bit easier. If I have made life just a little bit easier for someone then that’s a job well done.

We also had market research done, to see if there was a market for Belt up Kidz and a massive 97% of people said that they had the problem of being distracted whilst driving when their child took their arms out of their straps, both of my girls did it! It definitely was a nerve racking moment waiting for the report to come back but the relief was amazing and I knew that I was definitely on the right path.


Now for the Technical Bit:

  • Designed to fit buggies, high chairs and some Trikes
  • Belt is adjustable to allow child growth across the chest area
  • Chest clip can also be adjusted further up the straps as child gets taller
  • Will not pull the straps together - So seat works as originally designed to
  • Single hand side release safety buckle for quick release
  • Portable for use on different items of equipment
  • Interlocking belt clips - Which can only be removed by an adult
  • High quality, durable materials
  • Assembly Free, just clip on and go
  • Will fit on a single strap of a highchair, buggy or car seat etc.
  • The product needs to be fitted at the correct height to work effectively

Head over to their website and check out the testimonials left by happy customers. You can also Buy One directly from their site!

Make sure you also go to their Facebook page to Like them, and their Twitter page to Follow them.

We have two pairs of each design of these fantastic Safety Buckles up for grabs. To be in with a chance of winning, simply answer the question below before 11pm on the 24th of April. You will need to go to their site to find out the answer!

Good Luck!

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