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Win a Sleepybumps Mat!

Win a Sleepybumps Mat!

The wonderful team at Sleepybumps are once again, kindly offering one innovative Sleepybumps mat for our members to try and win!

Sleepybumps has been specifically designed to create a motion inside your babies pram, replicating the feeling that is generated whilst they are being taken for a stroll outside.

Sleepybumps is a hard wearing washable rubber mat that you place on the floor between the pram wheels. It's surface is covered with randomly positioned bumps.. (This is the magic) Each time the pram is rolled forwards and backwards over the bumps it takes a different path and a soothing motion is generated up into the pram, gently aiding your baby into restful sleep.

We all know that there is nothing better than taking your baby outside for a stroll...But there are times when this is just not always possible. That's when you need Sleepybumps!


You can watch a video of how this item works! You can buy the Sleepybumps mat directly from them for £24.99

Here's what some mums have had to say about the Sleepybumps product:
  • "The weather has been unseasonably bad and smooth floors do not help with getting babies to sleep and nor does soaked outside. My 6 month old can be awkward to get to sleep but with this mat underneath the pushchairs wheels it did wonders; he fell asleep so quickly."
  • "Sleepybumps is a great product. As a new mum I'm still learning the tricks of the trade to get a child to sleep. By gently running the buggy over the mat, it gently rocks my son to sleep. Would highly recommend this product to all mums (new and experienced).

For your chance to win this product simply answer the question below before 11pm on the 22nd of October. You will need to go to their site to find the answer..... Good luck!

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