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Jessica Alba's Method For Post-Baby Body

Jessica Alba's Method For Post-Baby Body

In a recent interview with Net-a-Porter magazine, Jessica Alba has finally put paid to her post-baby rapid weight loss rumours and come clean. Yes we know that she is an incredibly beautiful model and star of television and screen; however, are her looks this important?

The 31-year-old mum of two finally admitted that losing all that stubborn weight was completely "brutal." Rather than going down the usual route of hiring a personal trainer, breastfeeding and eating well Jessica decided to go that bit further and wore a double corset 24/7 for three whole months. As Jessica herself quite rightly surmised, this method of regaining the pre-baby figure is not for everyone.

For any new mums who are thinking of going down the Jessica Alba route, think again. This is not a healthy exercise in any way and if you were to even consider this, a good long chat with a GP is to be recommended in the first instance. If you are really so desperate to regain your figure after giving birth, be kind to yourself and make this a gradual change, unlike Ms Alba.

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