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Katie Price Speaks Out About Pregnancy

Katie Price Speaks Out About Pregnancy

Katie Price, who married husband number three in the Bahamas recently, has spoken out about rumours that she is “petrified” about being pregnant again and “can't raise this baby alone”.

The businesswoman and model, who is pregnant with baby number four with builder and part-time stripper Kieran Hayler, insists that the claims in a recent Now magazine article are lies. Katie has taken to the social media site Twitter to distance herself from the comments. The model tweeted: "When so many people have genuine fears about pregnancy do you think it right to invent some for me?"

Katie, who has had well-documented pregnancies in the past and who positively glows as a mum, has been very vociferous in her own defence. This is hardly surprising, as she is a tabloid favourite when it comes to weekly sensationalist stories and she must be sick to the back teeth with the rumour-mongers.

Voted Celebrity Mum of the Year in both 2007 and 2012, Katie had fought hard against her detractors. She has often been quoted as loving motherhood and saying that although it is hard work, it is incredibly rewarding.

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