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Iodine Linked To Intelligence in Offspring

Iodine Linked To Intelligence in Offspring

We all want the best for out children; however, it has just been discovered that mothers who have a diet rich in iodine during their pregnancies are far more likely to give birth to children who have an above-average ability to read.

A Tasmanian study has found that mothers-to-be who eat foods rich in iodine, such as ice cream, strawberries and seaweed, have children who are better readers than their peers whose mothers were deficient in the element. Interestingly, however, a lack of iodine has no known effect on the mathematical skills of a child.

Scientists are now advising that it could be a good idea for expectant mums to consume at least some iodine-rich foods, such as oranges, grapes and apples. Iodine plays a big role in brain development and a deficiency can be negative as far as a developing child is concerned.

Pregnant women are, of course, urged not to eat shellfish; although it is a rich source of iodine, it can be unsafe for them to consume. As always, with the amount of contradictory evidence coming out day by day, women should use their own discretion.

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