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Prince Harry Shows Uncle Credentials

Prince Harry Shows Uncle Credentials

Prince Harry has received glowing praise from two proud parents as he launched the inaugural Warrior Games sporting tournament for wounded war veterans in Colorado Springs this weekend.

The uncle-to-be cooed over 10-month-old Sebastian Wilkowski, whose proud mum Julia said that Harry spotted the her son and asked: “Who is this little guy?” She continued: "He came closer and did a little small talk with the baby and he just reached out and then made a little raspberry and funny faces.” Prince Harry was reported to be a little embarrassed when Sebastian reached out and grabbed him.

Sebastian's father Kip, who is a retired F16 pilot, added: "He is wonderful with children." Julia agreed, saying: "I think he'll make a great uncle. He was holding his hand – all the things you do with babies."

Prince Harry is due to become an uncle when his sister-in-law Kate gives birth in July, with Saturday 13th July recently being suggested as the due date by friends close to the couple. This would fall in the middle of the Queen's Coronation Festival, which is being held over four days from 11th to 14th July. The baby is expected to be born at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, which is where Prince William was born.

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