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Katie Price Worried About Losing Looks

Katie Price Worried About Losing Looks

Recent reports suggest that rather than being a glowing picture of health and excitement, mother to be for the fourth time Katie Price is terrified that her latest pregnancy is destroying her looks.

Katie is said to be following a gruelling workout regime led by two personal trainers in a bid to reverse the aging process. Yes, Katie is worried that being pregnant has made her look 10 years older.

The 34 year old, who has become insecure about her looks, is of course now unable to have the botox injections that she adores. The lack of these and the return of Katie's skin to its natural state are probably what she feels is "aging" her as opposed to being pregnant. She is also worried that her facial fillers are not looking their best due to her new weight gain.

Many women feel insecure as their baby bump gets bigger and their body changes. This is natural, and the majority of us get used to and begin to embrace these changes over time. We are sure Katie, whose looks are her business, will begin to enjoy her pregnancy more as she realises that these changes in her body are only temporary.

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