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Kate Middleton's Spicy Cravings

Kate Middleton's Spicy Cravings

A recent report has shed light on just how Kate Middleton has spiced her life up during her pregnancy. Sexy lingerie? A new hairdo? A gorgeous new perfume to attract William? None of these that we know of – in fact Kate has literally spiced things up with her new pregnancy cravings for curry and other hot foods.

Lucky Kate has been served some amazingly tasty culinary delights while in her home village of Upper Bucklebury in Berkshire. Local shopkeepers Hash and Chan Shingadia gave her some curry to take away when the royal mum-to-be remarked on how gorgeous the homemade meal smelled while on a visit to their convenience store.

Although the couple are staying tight lipped about the exact name of the dish, we do know that it was vegetarian, as Chan stated that these are the only dishes she cooks.

Pregnant women are advised to only eat spicy foods in moderation due to the risk of heartburn. Kate who was widely reported to have been very unwell with nausea in the first trimester of her pregnancy will be sure to avoid anything that could make her feel unwell at this stage.

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