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Halle Berry Speaks About Pregnancy

Halle Berry Speaks About Pregnancy

Halle Berry and husband-to-be, Olivier Martinez, announced back in April that they are expecting their first child as a couple. Halle, star of X-Men and Cloud Atlas, has gone as far as to call her pregnancy a miracle.

Ms Berry has been through a tough time in her love life, and if anyone deserves some happiness, it may just be Miss Berry. A few years ago, the actress and former model revealed that her mother had suffered domestic abuse, and that abuse led to Halle going for men who also have abusive characteristics. Seeing her mum regularly receive beatings made the young Halle believe that this was a form of normality, and the actress, who already has a daughter, Nahla, to model Gabriel Aubry, had to undergo therapy to change her views.

Halle, who undertakes humanitarian work on a regular basis, says her new pregnancy is one of the greatest blessings in her life whilst also being "the biggest surprise." The Hollywood A-lister, who is remaining tight lipped about the sex of her baby, was recently seen having Mother's Day dinner with Nahla and Olivier. Halle looked amazing in a purple tie-dye maxi dress.

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