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Employment Tribunal Defends Pregnant Woman

Employment Tribunal Defends Pregnant Woman

Travers Smith, one of the leading law firms in the country, has recently been ruled against in a case of discrimination which was brought against it. Ex-trainee Katie Tantum and her law team proved that she was overlooked for a permanent position due to the fact that she was pregnant.

Katie who was aiming for a newly qualified position within the real estate department of the company won her case on 16th May. The London Central Employment Tribunal decided that Ms Tantum's pregnancy was the "effective cause" of her being denied a permanent position within the Travers Smith property team.

The hearing found that much of the evidence given by Travers Smith with regards to this case was not plausible and that the partners in the firm were aware of what they were doing. This was backed up with emails that were made available to the tribunal.

In the light of this case, Travers Smith have subsequently promised to firm up its discrimination policy. The tribunal has also stated that both senior staff and partners in the firm need to get involved in monitored discrimination training, should have defined grievance procedures and should have an open trainee feedback process.

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