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Study Shows The Large Cost Of A Baby

Study Shows The Large Cost Of A Baby

Recent figures released by LV Life insurance, states that parents will spend around £1800 prior to the birth of their child.

Sky news are following the story of a couple that are expecting a child the same time as the Duke and Duchess. Chloe and Matthew have so far spent nearly £1000 buying baby goods to prepare for the birth of their son.
The Royal couple's spend will of course be above the normal average. They have already been reported to have spent £1000 on a pushchair alone.

Chloe is a primary school teacher, and Matthew is a bar manager. Both 27, they have had to cut down on other things in their life to afford these new purchases. "We spread it out so that every month we are buying a little bit, so it doesn't seem like it's a thousand pounds in one go" said Matthew. He went on to say "It's a few hundred pounds off one paycheck. I think we've been more aware of our outgoings. Before we were pregnant we used to go out and do dinner quite a lot and we've had to cut back on that quite a bit".

The research from LV Insurance also stated that it costs on average £222,458 to raise a baby from birth to 21 years old.
The biggest expense is said to be education, costing £72,832. Babysitters and childcare came in second, costing £63,738, and food was third costing £19,270.

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