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Protecting Your Children's Photos Online

Protecting Your Children's Photos Online

Have you posted a picture of your 3 month scan, tweeted a family holiday snap, blogged about your little one’s milestones? All across the world parents want to share their baby news, and tell the world about the adventures their child goes on.

Nicknamed the ‘Sharents’ many of today’s parents blog, tweet and post pictures from their children’s lives, without a second thought.

However, once a photo is posted online, it is almost impossible to remove it entirely. Your digital profile is almost as important as your CV or credit history so think about what kind of legacy you are leaving for your children, especially if you post hundreds of pictures online under their name, say experts at 23snaps.

23snaps, a free app and website for parents which helps them capture and PRIVATELY share photos, videos and updates of their children as well as order personalised photo albums and photo prints, has released some guidelines to ‘protecting your photos online’.

Says Meaghan Fitzgerald, 23snaps, “It’s no surprise parents like to show off pictures of their children and want to involve friends and family in their lives. With some simple precautions and following our guidelines you can stay secure in the knowledge that the right people are also able to enjoy your most precious memories.”

23snaps privacy guidelines include:

1) Avoid photos with street signs, local landmarks, house numbers or recognisable uniforms

2) Use private photo sharing services (like 23snaps)

3) For public sites like Facebook and Instagram, add a comment with specific instructions for your friends like ‘don’t share or tag this photo please’

4) Think before you post. How will your child feel about that photo being public in about 10 or 20 years time?

5) Give people photos they can share – with faces obscured and fully clothed

6) Add a watermark to your photos, especially when using them in public competitions or collections

23snaps highlights

Upload photos, height and weight measurements and status updates to capture your child’s precious moments.

Invite your family and loved ones to receive real time mobile or email notifications when you add a new update.

Completely private and secure network, only the people you approve can see your photos.

Create collections, add photo filters and build a beautiful interactive photo book for your child.

23snaps is available for free on the iPhone, iPad, Android and Web

Printing at 23snaps is available on the iPhone, iPad and for Windows 8. Prices start from £15 for photo books and £4 for 10 prints including shipping.

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