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Win a New Lightweight Snugglebundl

Win a New Lightweight Snugglebundl

Direct2Mum are thrilled to announce that we have once again teamed up with Snugglebundl. One lucky member will win the new lightweight, multiple award winning, Snugglebundl lifting blanket!

Snugglebundl are delighted to announce the launch of a new and improved version of their original and multi award winning product. The new lightweight version of the world’s first baby lifting blanket has all the same benefits of the original, but with a new super soft and breathable fabric, that is suitable all year round.

A common concern for every parent is waking the baby, especially when it has seemed like an eternity to get them to sleep. Thanks to Snugglebundl’s comfy and secure design, parents can move their little one from A to B without them even flickering an eyelid! What’s even better news for parents is this unique product has been endorsed by Midwives, Chiropractors and Osteopaths as it prevents back ache. Using the extra strong handles will help parents retain a good posture rather than having to stoop and bend whilst lifting and manoeuvring their baby.

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The incredibly innovative baby lifting blanket pulls up around the baby to support the head, neck and spine. The extra strength support handles mean that parents can safely and securely lift up or place down their baby with just one hand! There is no need to support the back of the neck whilst lifting or laying- which means baby stays asleep! The handles allow parents to easily position their baby, making the Snugglebundl a great tool to softly rock their little one to sleep, which is ideal for Colic babies.

Sungglebundl provides parents with a multitude of benefits that truly add value in the first six months from birth. The blanket is ideal for mothers recovering after the birth, even from C-section, as it makes lifting and moving the baby easier and takes some strain away from the stomach muscles causing less pain and discomfort, thus speeding up recovery. Snugglebundl is also fantastic for nursing as it allows mums to lift their baby into their arms and then simply and discreetly use the blanket to cover themselves whilst they nurse their baby in public.

The ingenious product is also an incredibly versatile travel blanket as it can easily be lifted in and out of any car seat, pushchair, pram, trolley seat, cot and crib without disturbing the little one. Whether you are just nipping out, having a weekend away or even a holiday abroad with your new baby, Snugglebundl will keep them safe, warm, comfortable and most importantly undisturbed!

David Solomons, inventor of the fabulous Snugglebundl said: Snugglebundl works just like a stork’s blanket, so your baby can stay comfortably asleep and you can get on with your day, a real help for busy parents who are here, there and everywhere. And for all those parents struggling with back ache this product is a god send!”

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If you just can't wait to see if you have been picked as our winner, then you can buy the Snugglebundl direct for just £39.99!

Head over to their YouTube Channel and check out a mum's opinion!

To be in with a chance of winning simply answer the question below before 11pm on the 25th of November. (Here's a clue: the answer is on the Snugglbundl Story page)

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