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'Pregnant' Teen Boys In Surprising Campaign

'Pregnant' Teen Boys In Surprising Campaign

The surprising advertisements are part of a campaign to reduce teen pregnancy rates in the Chicago area.

The city of Chicago, Illinois, has launched a unique and head-turning ad campaign as part of its “Be You Be Healthy” promotion. The advertisements are intended to promote awareness about rising teen pregnancy rates, but rather than featuring unwed expecting teen girls, the ads show “pregnant” teen boys posing shirtless. Under the pictures, the advertisements feature the message “Unexpected? Most teen pregnancies are.”

According to The Sun, the advertisements have appeared in public places all over the city, including billboards and bus stops. While some individuals have expressed disgust for the pictures, the Chicago Department of Health is standing by its decision to run the ads. A department spokesperson stated that the agency wanted to develop a campaign that would “get people thinking about teen pregnancy...and how it can affect more than just teen girls.”

The ads avoid endorsing a particular method for combating teen pregnancy, encouraging teens to either use protection or practice abstinence. While the effect of the Chicago ads has yet to be seen, the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, enacted a similar campaign and saw teen pregnancy rates decline by 10 percent.

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