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Supermodel Caprice Expecting Two Babies

Supermodel Caprice Expecting Two Babies

The expectant mum will have one baby via natural delivery and another via a gestational carrier.

For 41-year-old supermodel Caprice, this autumn will be a busy one. The first-time expectant mum will be giving birth to her child with boyfriend Ty Comfort and then welcoming a second baby from a gestational carrier just a few weeks later. Doctors told Caprice that she would likely never conceive a child on her own, so she and Comfort turned to the gestational transfer process to try to begin a family. Shortly after the couple’s fertilized egg was successfully transferred into their American carrier via in vitro fertilization, the couple found out that they were expecting a child of their own.

In an interview with The Sun, Caprice expressed the couple’s delight and surprise at their pregnancy. She also made it clear that both babies and the carrier would be welcomed into the family, telling the periodical “Our gestational carrier is part of my family now, and I’m forever grateful for the kindness and selflessness she has shown us.”

While both of the babies will be delivered in the US, Caprice and Comfort intend to raise them in their Notting Hill home, which is currently being renovated to accommodate the children.

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