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Tanning Salon Turns Away Katie Price

Tanning Salon Turns Away Katie Price

The salon turned down Price’s request for tanning due to concerns about its insurance coverage for pregnant customers.

Katie Price, who is expecting her fourth child in about 12 weeks, was refused service at a tanning establishment this week because the salon was concerned about providing tanning to Price while pregnant. The 35-year-old model routinely visits tanning salons to maintain a bronzed appearance. After the salon declined to service Price, she visited another establishment and received a tanning session.

According to The Daily Mail, one of Price’s spokespersons said that the star was “treated as though she were abnormal” due to her pregnancy, but that she has already consulted with doctors who assured her that occasional tanning would be safe while expecting. The National Health Service, however, has repeatedly cautioned expecting mothers about the possible effects of increased UV exposure during pregnancy. Medical research has shown a connection between high levels of UV radiation and folic acid deficiency, which can cause birth defects such as spina bifida.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Price said that this pregnancy has been a harder experience than her prior experiences with her other children. Despite these issues, she stated her intent to continue working as long as possible and said that she was “looking forward” to the upcoming months.

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