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Scottish Parliament Supports Early Sex Education

Scottish Parliament Supports Early Sex Education

The government is encouraging sex education in early childhood in an attempt to reduce its high teen pregnancy rates.

Scotland’s Health and Sport Committee has recommended that the country’s government take decisive action to reduce its high rates of teen pregnancy. After investigating the issue for six months, the committee stated that countrywide sexual education should be offered for all children at an earlier age. Members of Scottish Parliament supported the testimony, even agreeing that children of preschool age may need an early introduction to sex education.

Included in this early intervention would be access to contraception services. Under these measures, children as young as age 13 would be eligible to receive free condoms. During the hearing, members of Parliament stated that parents would be welcoming of this early education so that they could avoid feeling “ill-equipped” to discuss sexuality with their kids.

While the measures may be unpopular with some adults, MSPs believe that they are necessary. According to The Telegraph, Scotland has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in Europe. Among Scottish girls aged 16 and younger, seven out of 1,000 fall pregnant every year. In economically depressed areas, the rate is around 35 out of 1,000.

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