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£1 Million Renovation for Royal Baby

£1 Million Renovation for Royal Baby

William and Kate will make the renovated apartment their new home after the baby’s birth.

For the last few months, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been living in Nottingham Cottage while waiting for their Kensington Palace apartment to be renovated. In late June, the public found out exactly how much money of public taxpayer funds is being spent on the project – a cool £1 million.

Because the palace has remained uninhabited since the death of Princess Margaret in 2002, the structure itself was in need of several repairs. According to The Guardian, the £1 million bill includes £600,000 for removing asbestos from the building and another £400,000 for making repairs to the palace roof. The couple is also having the interior of the apartment redecorated, but the funds for that are coming from private sources.

The London Evening Standard reports that all 21 rooms of the apartment are currently being remodelled. Since the project won’t be completed until the autumn, the royal couple will continue living at Nottingham Cottage for the first few months after the baby is born. As part of the renovation project, the apartment is being fitted with a drawing room, a nursery, and private quarters for the staff.

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