Father's Lifestyle Affects Child's Genetics

Father's Lifestyle Affects Child's Genetics

A new study has indicated that the lifestyle choices a father makes can have an effect on the number of genetic mutations that appear in their children and even on into the next generation.

A father who makes lifestyle choices such as smoking could potentially pass on genetic mutations to his children.

Roger Godschalk is a researcher who was involved in this study, which was conducted by Maastricht University in the Netherlands. He stated that the study should be seen as a pilot study: "We hope that our findings support the initiation of new, more elaborate studies."

The research looked at the difference between the number of genetic mutations in children from low-income families and high-income families and found the incidence of DNA mutation was greater in the low-income families. The authors used the income criteria as it has a strong link to parental lifestyle choices.

Gerald Weissman, editor in chief of the FASEB journal in which the article was published, said that medical professionals had known for a long time that the mother’s lifestyle choices have an effect on the unborn child but fathers also bear some responsibility for the health of the unborn child.

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