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Win a Freya Natural Therapy Gift Set

Win a Freya Natural Therapy Gift Set

Direct2Mum are thrilled to announce that we are once again teaming up with Freya Natural Therapy to offer one of our lucky members the chance to win an Aromatherapy Simply Pregnant gift set.

Freya Natural Therapy was set up by Freya Cullington in 2007 initially offering aromatherapy massage to clients in the Hampshire area.

After getting continual feedback from happy clients reporting that they felt so much better after their aromatherapy treatments, Freya decided to develop an entire range of products using 100% natural ingredients and specially selected essential oils aimed to help on both a physical and an emotional basis.

Introducing Simply Pregnant

“The Simply Pregnant blend was the first blend I developed.” explains Freya. “I had a lot of pregnant clients who wanted the reassurance that what they were using on their skin was not only safe but beneficial to them and their developing baby. They also wanted a product to help with the less pleasant side effects of pregnancy, such as heartburn, stretch marks, water retention, lower back pain, insomnia … not to mention uncontrollable hormones!”

Freya sees essential oils as Mother Nature’s rescue remedies! They are highly concentrated, volatile substances that are obtained from aromatic plants. Some call them the life force of the plant. Research over the years has proven that they have both physical and psychological (mood enhancing) properties and the oils are easily absorbed into the body either through inhalation or via the skin where the aromatic particles are absorbed into the blood stream.


The Freya Natural Therapy Simply Pregnant range is a very gentle yet effective blend which is entirely suitable for pregnancy. The essential oils include Bergamot, Neroli, Mandarin, Sweet Orange, Rosewood and Patchouli and the result is a gentle citrussy smell

Bergamot , Neroli (orange blossom) and Sweet Orange all have a very positive, uplifting effect on your mood.

Mandarin and Neroli are excellent for the skin and are well-known for helping to combat stretch marks, plus Sweet Orange and Bergamot are tonics for the stomach and help with digestion as well as being and good for combating heartburn and nausea.

Patchouli is great for circulation and fluid retention which is a common occurrence in pregnancy and is also good for mood swings!

Rosewood is another gentle yet fantastic oil that is great for energizing and is an effective immune stimulant helpful for keeping colds and sore throats at bay.

In terms of muscle pain relief, Rosewood and Bergamot have analgesic properties which can help with the back pain that many pregnant women suffer from as their pregnancy progresses.

Freya has chosen only the best quality ingredients and blends all products by hand herself. The result is a luxurious yet affordable product that makes a wonderful gift or an indulgent treat that doesn’t hurt your pocket.

Simply Pregnant range is available in Shower Gel, Bath Foam, Bath Oil, Body Lotion, and 100% essential oil blend. For more information on the products just click onto the website.

If you are lucky enough to be picked as the winner you will receive a gift set which will include the Simply Pregnant Massage Oil and the Simply Pregnant Shower Gel.



To be in with a chance of winning, simply answer the question below before 11pm on the 8th of October. Good Luck!

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