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Using Social Media To Adopt

Using Social Media To Adopt

The BBC have released an article about the story of two men who used social media to adopt their son.

The internet has become increasingly popular for finding yourself a wife or husband, but now the concept of using the internet to find a child is becoming increasingly popular.
For many couples, the process of adoption is time consuming, costly and can at times be quite an invasion into your private life. Officials believe this to be necessary when trying to find a home for a baby.

In the US state of Maryland, Brad Brenton and Brad Letson, decided to take matters into their own hands when trying to find a suitable baby. Having grown tired of the wait they were experiencing with the adoption services, they decided to go direct to the mother's through social media.

After placing an advertisement on Facebook, they had a response within hours. They are now the parents of two year old Kyler, and use Skype and social media to keep in touch with his biological mother.

The men have decided that they wanted to share their experience with the world, and so created the website the2brads to tell their story.

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