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Hello Members! Have You Met Our New Bloggers?

Hello Members! Have You Met Our New Bloggers?

The Direct2Mum Team are thrilled to announce that we have new members in our blogging team. We have the My2Brads; a couple from America who adopted through Facebook.

These guys have been featured on news articles around the world for taking unusual steps to becoming parents. Having achieved their dream, they have agreed to share their story with the Direct2Mum family, and give us an insight into their family life.


Make sure you head over and read their first couple of posts. These two have a great story to tell, and a lot of advice to offer to anyone wanting to adopt.
Follow their heart warming story, and share your comments. You can also contact them directly. Learn how they came to have this beautiful little boy in their lives.


We have made sure that Direct2Mum are following them on Facebook and Twitter, so we can keep up-to-date on their story. You can follow and like them too.

A BIG Direct2Mum welcome to the Brads, and we hope you all enjoy their blogs!

If you would be interested in becoming a blogger, then email f.briddon@direct2mum.co.uk