Nesting Instinct Of A Pregnant Woman

Nesting Instinct Of A Pregnant Woman

Researchers have found that the instincts of pregnant women to arrange, clean and organize their surroundings, especially during the last months of pregnancy, are likely to have an evolutionary background.

The behaviours are characterized by bursts of energetic cleaning and organizing the home in preparation for a new baby; women also appear to become pickier about the people they have around them, choosing friends and family that they trust.

Maria Anderson, the lead researcher said: "Nesting is not a frivolous activity" and that "We have found that it peaks in the third trimester as the birth of the baby draws near and is an important task that probably serves the same purpose in women as it does in other animals".

The research team concluded that the nesting instinct is aimed at creating a safe environment for both mother and baby as the birth draws near, surrounding themselves with trusted relations and friends. Perhaps surprisingly the women in the study that exhibited the nesting behaviour also reported being more tired but felt the urge to clean and organise regardless, indication that the nesting instinct is a strong force.

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