School Children To Get Free School Meals

School Children To Get Free School Meals

The deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has announced a new £600 million plan that will give primary school children free school meals.

This new measure will come into effect at the beginning of September 2014 and is aimed at easing the pressure on families who are struggling financially. It will involve all children in reception, year one and year two – children between the ages of five and seven – getting a hot meal at lunchtime every school day.

Mr. Clegg said that millions of parents are feeling the squeeze financially, and that his ambition is that every primary pupil should be able to have a healthy hot lunch with their peers each day. He went on to say: “Universal free school meals will help give every child the chance in life that they deserve, building a stronger economy and fairer society.”

The Liberal Democrats aim to provide free school meals for all primary school children, Mr. Clegg said: “We will start with infant school pupils because teaching healthy habits young, and boosting attainment early, will bring the biggest benefits.”

The anomaly that gives disadvantaged sixth form student’s free meals but not college students of the same age will also be ended.

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