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On the 11th Day of Xmas......

On the 11th Day of Xmas......

On the 11th Day of Xmas Direct2Mum gave to me, a Good Night Sleep Tight Reward Chart.

This reward chart has been specially designed to help your child into a full night's sleep.
The pack comes with gold star stickers and smiley face stickers. There are categories for which your child can be rewarded. They may have dressed themselves for bed, brushed their own teeth, not shouted in the night, stayed in their bed and not come into you or read a bedtime story.

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  • A reward chart to create a successful bedtime routine.
  • This chart is the step by step guide to give encourage your child's perfect night sleep.
  • Gold star stickersrewards for pre-bedtime activities include: putting on pyjamas, brushing teeth, bedtime reading.
  • Smiley face sticker rewards for successful nights sleep include: staying in own bed, not calling out, falling asleep
  • A supportive information sheet gives further tips and guidelines to get the best results from your chart.
The bright colours and cartoon drawings are all very stimulating for a young child. The product has also been awarded for it's innovative and effective design.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 11.51.34

One mother said "My little girl didn't want to go to bed, was calling out repeatedly after I had put her to bed and was waking me up during the night but this chart has changed all of that - being clear what was expected of her each night and then rewarding her for positive behaviour did the trick - highly recommended".

To be in with a chance of winning simply answer the question below before midnight tonight!

Remember you only have 24hrs to enter this competition! Make sure you check in tomorrow for our final competition!

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