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Mother Loses Weight After Daughter Bullied

Mother Loses Weight After Daughter Bullied

An obese mother has lost 12 stone to stop her daughter being taunted with offensive remarks about her "fat mum".

Emma Dunne, 32, of Gorey, Co. Wexford in Ireland, weighed a massive 24 stone and needed size 28 clothes. But when her daughter came home with complaints that her fellow pupils at school were bullying her for having a "fat mum", Emma decided she needed to lose the weight.

Ms Dunne said she felt as though she had let her daughter down, and she vowed to lose weight so that she would be a mother to be proud of.

She said goodbye to hefty takeaways and junk food and turned instead to fresh fruit and vegetables. She even took up running and in June 2013, took part in the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon. Rather than rely on scales to tell her how much weight she had lost, Ms Dunne would take a size 28 pair of jeans into a shop’s changing room and see how big they were on her.

Since losing the weight and dropping nine dress sizes, Ms Dunne has noticed a big improvement in her health, no longer suffering from sleep apnea or breathlessness.

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