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Permissive Mother Loses Custody

Permissive Mother Loses Custody

A judge has decreed that a mother who operated a style of permissive parenting is not fit to bring up her sons.

The mother, who has not been named, allegedly spent most of her day in bed, leaving her sons to play computer games for as long as they wished. They were also allowed to stay up late, absent themselves from school, arrive late and neglect to do their homework.

Judge Laura Harris stripped the mother of her right to bring up her sons after hearing from one of their senior teachers and a social worker appointed by the court. She was told that the eldest boy, aged 14, was not living up to his academic potential, which could harm his future prospects.

She suspected that the mother was suffering from depression following the breakup of her marriage. The woman’s former husband had allegedly been conducting an affair, and since their split, he had not paid sufficient child maintenance. The father had previously asked the court for custody of his sons, complaining that his former wife had denied him contact with them.

Judge Harris stated that she now believed the father was in a better position to care for the children than their mother.

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