Nick Knowles Not To Be Present At Birth

Nick Knowles Not To Be Present At Birth

TV presenter Nick Knowles has been the recipient of some unexpected abuse as a result of an announcement that he will not be present at the birth of his child.

Mr Knowles is expecting his first baby with wife Jessica, although he already has three children from former relationships. In a joint interview given to Hello! Magazine, the couple admitted that Mr Knowles did not intend to be present at the birth of his child, due in August, and that Mrs Knowles preferred it that way.

The remarks in the interview have resulted in a surprising online backlash, with forum users calling Mrs Knowles selfish and immature. The comments have allegedly reduced the mum-to-be to tears.

She has been accused of forbidding her husband to be with her at the birth and acting selfishly by refusing to let him witness it. But her husband defends the decision, claiming it was arrived at mutually. Although he was present at the birth of his other children, Mr Knowles admitted that the situation made him feel useless, and he was happy to go along with his wife’s wishes. Whilst he will not be in the room, he will be stationed just outside.

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