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Autistic Boy Finally Says 'Mummy'

Autistic Boy Finally Says 'Mummy'

A three-year old autistic boy has delighted his mother by finally being able to say "mummy".

Charlie Fletcher had never uttered a word in his short life, but an intensive five-day programme that his mother, Beth, enrolled him in has resulted him in finally being able to speak.

Charlie’s condition went unnoticed until he was 18 months old, when Beth noticed that he had not managed any of the milestones normally associated with a child at that age, which would include speaking, making eye contact and running on his toes. Charlie’s parents hoped that this was because he was a slow developer, but suspecting there was an underlying reason, they brought forward a routine check with a nurse. The nurse suggested that Charlie was suffering from autism, and Beth began looking around to find out ways to help her son.

She discovered the Son-Rise Program in Massachusetts and travelled with Charlie to undergo the intensive course. Rather than trying to make him talk, Beth has been taught to adapt her behaviour to Charlie’s to make him feel more comfortable. She is now looking forward to the day when he is able to enter a mainstream school.

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