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Mobiles Inhibit Child's Interaction

Mobiles Inhibit Child's Interaction

A new study has revealed that more than 50 per cent of parents surveyed they worry that their children’s use of a mobile phone inhibits their ability to interact with other people.

The study, carried out by Halifax Insurance Digital Home Index, discovered that children are in possession of approximately £924 worth of digital and electronic devices, on average. Parents told of how their offspring, in the age group of 7 to 17, were checking to see if they had a text message several times during any one hour, as well as continuing to do so when they were in bed.

Dr Kairen Cullen, an educational psychologist, commented that while technology has become a part of modern life, some children and young adults use their electronic devices excessively.

Other findings from the study showed that a third of parents and children commonly used their mobiles or other devices during dinner, while more than 33 per cent of children would communicate with family members in the same household by mobile.

Just how often their children used technology was unknown to 35 per cent of the parents surveyed, with 50 per cent of them concerned that they were unable to regulate their use. Revealingly, 30 per cent of the children surveyed claimed that their parents’ use of technology set a bad example.

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