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Evidence of Child Drug Addiction

Evidence of Child Drug Addiction

A Coventry schoolchild has provided shocking evidence of how youngsters are becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol.

The child, who cannot be named, is only 12 years old and has been referred for specialist treatment to tackle a drug addiction. The child has broken the record to be youngest person in the UK to need treatment for drug addiction, the previous record being a child aged 14.

The records were released by a Freedom of Information Act request as a result of local authorities being asked for their figures on drug addiction referrals. The data has led to various charities calling for there to be better drugs education performed in schools, especially as the figures show that primary school children are on the verge of becoming addicts.

Many of the children referred to drug specialist treatment centres were found to have been using cannabis and drinking alcohol regularly, whilst a smaller number were misusing solvents.

A member of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, Professor Simon Gibbons, made a statement at a public hearing that he believed far more needed to be done to educate children about the dangers of drugs at primary and middle school level.

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