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Being a Single Parent

Being a Single Parent

Sometimes life doesn't work out as we had expected, and raising children on your own can be difficult.

In life it is human nature to make plans, make a career, find true love, get married, buy a house, and have a family. Unfortunately it doesn't always work out like this and life can throw some interesting twists and turns at you. This doesn't mean life will not be great if you have children and are raising them alone, there are some amazing benefits to doing this by yourself.

Over a quarter of families are headed by a single parent now. 400,000 of these being single father families with a huge 6.7 millions people living within a family headed by a single mother.

Single mums.

The pressure of doing two parents tasks on your own should appear heavier to other couples, however, if you have escaped from an unhappy marriage or relationship that was weighing you down mentally and emotionally, the relief you are experiencing from this will make the challenges of parenting seem easier to cope with.

You now have the fun job of taking on two roles 'mum and dad', trying to raise your children to be great people whilst supporting your family financially and providing them with everything they need in life.

Read below about Danni's experiences as a single parent.

Single Dads

Being a good mum comes to a woman naturally...most of the time. Society is starting to recognise when this is not the case more and more every day.
As society starts to accept males and females becoming more equal, people mostly assume this applies to women being able to do everything men can do, forgetting that this can work the other way around. It is becoming more known every year that men raise their families alone taking on all of the 'typical women's jobs' cooking, cleaning and everything else they can (apart from breast feeding of course)
Men can suffer violent relationships and abandonment just the same as women and hold everything together for their kids.

Below are a few examples of the lives of single fathers and how they manage day to day life....

In an unexpected turn of events becoming a single parent and raising your family on your own can happen to anyone. All you can do is try your best and influence them to become great people in their adult life. You are doing a great job even though it may not feel like it sometimes and though they might not come out and say it, in the eyes of your are a superhero.

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