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Music Good Enough To Give Birth To

Music Good Enough To Give Birth To

With Katy Perry songs some of the most popular to listen too.

A new survey has shown that four out of five mothers listened to music during their delivery, with Katy Perry and Diana Ross the artists most listened to.

The parenting club Bounty, carried out the survey. They quizzed a total of 1,030 mothers online about their pregnancies, and discovered that music helped mothers maintain a sense of control as they entered the latter stages of labour.

The songs that gave the most relief were named as ‘Greatest Day’ by Take That, ‘You’re Beautiful’ by James Blunt, and ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams. Other favourites were The Beatles ‘Let It Be’ and ‘Circle of Life’ from the musical, The Lion King.

A spokeswoman for Bounty, Lisa Penney, said: “Research has shown familiar music can help mums feel calm and in control when giving birth. And in a practical sense it can also help to block out distractions in the delivery room, such as background noise.”

The research also showed that mums-to-be preferred to vary their song choices, listening to a variety of genres. Classical music was the most popular, gaining a 15% vote, followed closely by Easy Listening at 14%, Pop at 8% and Rock at 6%. Other popular sounds were those taken from nature, such as waves and whale music.

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